Castillo de San Marcos

1 South Castillo Drive

Most people know that the National Park Service cares for national parks, a network of nearly 400 natural, cultural and recreational sites across the nation. The treasures in this system – the first of its kind in the world –have been set aside by the American people to preserve, protect, and share, the legacies of this land.

People from all around the world visit national parks to experience America's story, marvel at the natural wonders, and have fun. Places like the Grand Canyon, the Statue of Liberty, and Gettysburg are popular destinations, but so too are the hundreds of lesser known yet equally meaningful gems like Rosie the Riveter in California, Boston Harbor Islands in Massachusetts, and Russell Cave in Alabama.

The American system of national parks was the first of its kind in the world, and provides a living model for other nations wishing to establish and manage their own protected areas. The park service actively consults with these Nations, sharing what we've learned, and gaining knowlege from the experience of others.

Beyond national parks, the National Park Service helps communities across America preserve and enhance important local heritage and close-to-home recreational opportunities. Grants and assistance are offered to register, record and save historic places; create community parks and local recreation facilities; conserve rivers and streams, and develop trails and greenways.

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Adrianna Spadaro

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017

The only notable problem would be the parking. It took roughly minutes to park in the relatively small lot and the nearby parking garage was full. However it was not too costly to get in, which was pleasant to find out. The views are amazing and the people who worked and/or volunteered were very nice. All of it is wheelchair accessible except for a crawling passage to the powder room and the top floor. It was not too crowded and it is not that easy to get lost, so children fare as easily as any adult. It is to be noted that the walls on the top are not very high, so any children up there should be careful. Highly recommend to anyone sightseeing!

Nikhil Jain

Monday, Dec. 25, 2017

Castillo de San Marcos is a must-see attraction if visiting St. Augustine. Plan to visit during the cooler months of the year (November to February) to dodge the famous Florida humidity. Check the weather before you go, and dress in light layers, adding or removing as the day progresses. The location of the fort is gorgeous, overlooking the Matanzas River to its east. Parking is conveniently located so that you can park your car at the fort (though you must pay for parking), and visit multiple attractions within a comfortable walking distance. I highly recommend paying more to extend your parking time if desired so as to visit more local attractions or carve out time for a trolley tour. The educational experience provided at the fort will add a new dimension to one's understanding of American history.

Samantha Poznak

Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017

The ticket is valid for a week after purchase, so you can visit any time. The fort is great, we highly recommend getting a good spot for the cannon shooting demonstration. If you’re history nerds like us, take the time to walk through each room and read the signs. Also interact with the staff, they are extremely helpful and full of knowledge of the history of the fort. Finally, don’t forget to check out the surrounding grounds. Great for kids and adults. Clean bathrooms as well.

Cindy Hood

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018

This is a wonderful historical monument to visit. They have costumed guides, and give mini history lessons at different locations. The time period atmosphere is mostly intact. You can sense the age and easily imagine what life was like at this fort. It's beautiful to walk the grounds after dark, gives you an eerie feeling, and we went under a full moon and it was amazing.

Charity David

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

Buy yourself a national park pass and start exploring, it'll be the best $80 you've ever spent. This trip was great because I had never been to Florida and I feel like I have gained a lot of important knowledge about the history of the United States. It's a neat fort and it's also educational in the fun way, so it's worth checking out.