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Washington - Lincoln Memorial

2 Lincoln Memorial Circle Northwest

This titan of our national heritage grew up as a poor boy on the frontier. Reading books by candlelight, whether after long hours at school or on the farm, proved invaluable to young Lincoln. He later served as a store clerk, a river trader, and a "rail-splitter" used to hard physical labor. A plain speaker for plain folks, Lincoln blended his love of the written word with a strong work ethic and pursued a legal career, then a political one from the Illinois state legislature to the U.S. Congress. Here was a man who aspired to lead a nation


Joe Doss

Friday, March 16, 2018
wonderful piece of our American history, and culture. Parking within reasonable walking distance can prove to be very difficult during the day. We finally found parking after sunset which worked out well. the memorial was well lit and nice to look at. turn 180 degrees and you get a great view of the Washington Memorial. The Lincoln Memorial is within easy walking distance of several famous memorials including the Vietnam war Memorial. don't visit Washington as a tourist without making time to see this awesome place.

Joshalyn Kirkham

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Very fun and historical. Plenty of shade and places to sit if you have small children. It can get pretty crowded so keep an eye on your small ones. It is also near many other sights like a huge bust of Albert Einstein, the Veterans monument and the Washington monument. It's not really close to food, so I would suggest eating before or plan on eating after. Also, it's about a mile walk from the metro. So, if that's a problem, I would plan on taking a bus or car. You can rent mopeds and bikes in this area which can be fun.

Amelia Hansen

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Such an amazing monument. I highly reccomend going at night. All the monuments are lit beautifully and during the summer it's a great way to avoid the heat. We rented the bikes and rode around until midnight one night and it was the highlight of our trip!

Tom Blessie

Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
Incredible monument and experience. It gets crowded with bus loads of tourists coming up but if you time it right you can get pictures or a nice view just by hanging around until the groups go back to the buses. It is all stone so slippery when wet so bring a good pair of shoes and a camera, you will want pictures here. You stand on the same step where Martin Luther King delivered his famous speech and look out over the pond towards the Washington Monument. Very cool piece of our countries history to one of our greatest Presidents. When I was there in November there were millions of lady bugs all over the marble pillars it was a cool sight.

Ian White

Monday, Feb. 26, 2018
Probably on of the most famous monuments in the USA to one of the countries greatest Presidents. The views across the City from the pediment are stunning and give good context to the various locations. The whole design, from the statue of Abraham Lincoln, the surrounding structure and its setting is inspiring. The inclusion of the Gettysburg Address on the internal wall is most appropriate. There is a small information centre built into the pediment, which includes a gift shop and a public restroom.2

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